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Hi, I am Lizette Engelen.

I develop workplace strategies and like to make a difference. 
Let me help you to rethink and unleash the enormous potentiel of the working environment! 

Lizette Engelen

Workplace Strategist, Expert Partner,
Practicioner & Researcher
and a heart for healthcare. 


Lizette (E.M.J.) Engelen MSc 

Lizette brings together everything and everyone in a unique, holistic, evidence-based work environment driven by activities, personas and values. Balancing effectivity, efficiency, organisational goals, individual well-being and the future of work. An environment that puts the staff central and inspires, energizes and above all works.


was founded by Lizette to have an umbrella that offers her the freedom to work independently with different assignments, roles, partners to create a better world of work. In healthcare, as there is where her heart and core experience lies but also sharing lessons outside healthcare. All to stimulate the work environment being an important strategic tool, a lever of change and the way to keep the flow in the organisation. Connected & evidence based & future proof. 



Lizette Engelen (1966)  is an energetic, down to earth, healthcare workplace strategist, unafraid of challenges. Endless curious, combining a researcher and practitioner’s role, Lizette has almost 20 years’ experience in facility & programme management in healthcare. Lizette aims to deploy best practices based on many lessons learned and specialise in inclusive design of today's value-based working environments. Achieving value by harmonising well-being and efficiency to obtain a supported and sustainable holistic work environment for both the organization and their staff. Working from a holistic perspective forms the foundation of her work.

Currently developing further as an expert partner, independent professional, ambassador and catalyst in Value Based Work environments. Formerly employed as programme owner of DNA @Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm and before that pioneered the new ways of working at Radboud Medical University Centre Nijmegen.Contributing to the constructs social innovation and sustainable employability , Value Based working Environments catalyses the change journey and aims to harmonize well-being and efficiency in an environment designed around ‘The patient first ’vision.

Evidence-based working is a cornerstone in her work. Inspired by the work of Baarne et al (2010) she expanded Bricks (buildings, design, ergonomics), Bytes (ICT, agility), Behaviour (HR, ‘smell of the place’, leadership) with the missing link Branding: Identity, communication and cohesion. In 2015, she received acknowledgment from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for adding the forth pillar in their ‘four pillars of the digital workplace’ strategy.
Next tos supporting cure & care in their future work experience, Lizette loves sharing healthcare’s experience on “healing environment” and Bibliophilic Design to contribute to the discussion around well-being and the healthy workplace. “The workplace is essential element of the DNA of the organisation”. Only up 3% of the departmental budget but hugely benefiting the 90% of the budget: The staff.

Working with trainee’s, being part of exam board of master’s degree Facility Management, reading and my research into the adoption of New Ways of Working keeps me up to speed. The Responsible Organization Academy of the Radboud University enrolled me in the world of transformations and strategic change. “I love flipping perspectives. Not only in my work but also in my private life. Living as a digital nomad the interest fields my partner and I recently explored”. 

Her broad experience, drive and passion for healthcare & workplaces has enabled her to deliver holistic, innovative work environments requiring sensitivity to culture, people, processes and services: Meeting people where they are.

And last but not least: Working connected. “Co”-working is key! Together is where the magic happens. “Hard data build a good case but for me the best results are shared stories in the team on the moments that “pennies dropped” and “the came sparkle in the eyes” .

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6532 ZV Nijmegen
the Netherlands 


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